Your Body Type Reveals Which Workout You Need

There are three types of physique: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. There is a suitable workout for every body type. Which one is yours? 

Some people build more muscle faster than others, some have more endurance, some have more strength. This is not least due to our physique, the ratio of fat to muscles. Sports scientists essentially differentiate between three body types, also known as somatotypes: the ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic types.

Although most of us are a mix of two of the types, this classification will help you find the right workout. The American physician and psychologist William Sheldon developed the categories as early as 1942. However, he believed that a person’s constitutional type could also provide information about their behavior. This theory is now considered disproved.

In sports medicine, however, the body types are still used today to create individual training programs. These are the three types at a glance:

Ectomorph type

This body type has a rather lanky figure with long arms and legs. The hands, feet, shoulders, hips and face are usually narrow, the chest is flat, the forehead is high, and the hair is thin. Ectomorphs tend to be low in fat and muscle due to their fast metabolism. Models and basketball players often have this body type.

Because the body is so light and wiry, ectomorphs are particularly good for endurance sports like jogging, swimming, or triathlon. But they also do well in gymnastics. During the workout, the focus should be on strength training to build up a little more muscle mass. Suitable for this – in short training units – are exercises that strengthen the large muscle groups: squats, deadlift, bench press or pull-ups. Important for ectomorph types: eat enough, especially proteins. Because their energy stores are quickly empty.

They are referred to as “tough gainers” in the workout industry. Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, and Cameron Diaz are among famous female ectomorphs. Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper, and Toby McGuire are all famous male ectomorphs.

Mesomorph type

This body type builds muscle mass the fastest – and has a correspondingly athletic physique: Mesomorph types tend to have a strong upper body and broad shoulders, while the waist and hips are rather narrow. They have full hair, firm skin, the lower jaw and cheekbones are usually pronounced, hands and feet are large. They also have relatively little body fat, but unlike the ectomorphs, their muscles are larger and more defined. Without exercise and a balanced diet, however, they quickly put on fat on their stomachs and hips.

Because they have so much strength, mesomorphs are not only good at sprinting or cycling , but also at yoga and Pilates. In order to train the muscles evenly and theTo boost fat burning , the training should be as varied as possible: alternating strength and endurance training with only short breaks. When mesomorphs also keep an eye on their calorie intake, their bodies stay in tip-top shape.

Celebrities who are mesomorph type includes Alyssa Milano, Gabriel Reece, Tina Turner and more.

Endomorph type

This pear-shaped body type has classic feminine curves like Marilyn Monroe: large bust, wide hips and a round bottom. The muscles are not particularly defined, the body fat percentage is higher than in the other two types. On the other hand, endomorph types have narrow shoulders, ankles, and wrists. Their face is mostly round, their arms, legs and neck rather short, their skin smooth and soft, their hair fine but thick.

Endomorphs build muscle quickly, but put on fat even faster because of their slow metabolism. Therefore, your training focus should be on endurance sports such as running, cycling or swimming. (Barbell) dumbbell training is ideal for shaping and strengthening the muscles. Nutrition plays a central role for endomorph types. You should eat few carbohydrates and lots of protein.

Endomorph body type celebrities are Jennifer Lopez and Marilyn Monroe there are numerous more celebrities who have famous Endomorph body type which includes shakira, chris pratt.

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