Traci Braxton’s Weight Loss Surgery: Health Problems & Cancer Explained!

After Traci Braxton passed away from cancer on March 12, 2022, Her fans were curious to know more about traci braxton’s weight loss surgery and health issues. Questions about Traci Braxton’s weight loss and health problems, as well as images of her transformation, have been asked on Lipstick Alley.

Traci Braxton’s journey to lose weight

Traci Braxton, a star of WE TV, was recently spotted visiting her child Kevin Surrat Junior’s wedding. Traci Braxton had a previous history of health problems and was an overweight woman before the operation. She seemed to be healthier and more energised than ever following her surgery, though. She also appeared on ABC’s “The Specialists” in 2015, when she discussed how she managed to lose weight and keep it off.

Traci Braxton weight loss pictures


Surgery to reduce weight by Tracey Braxton

You are not alone if you’ve ever pondered what happened to Traci Braxton after having weight loss surgery. A lot of famous people have also undergone weight loss surgery. But Traci Braxton never underwent weight loss surgery as a result of a long-term health issue. The singer was over 300 pounds she never undergone weight loss surgery.

Traci Braxton Loses Weight

She has been performing and presenting for the last three decades of her career. In the first few weeks of 2018, Traci disclosed that she had been given a cervical cancer diagnosis. All of the cancers were removed during surgery. She is recovering at this time.

Traci Braxton Prior to and following weight loss

The actress Traci Braxton’s weight loss journey is documented in these pictures, which were published in the Life & Style Weekly article Loss of Weight Before and After. After receiving a cervical cancer diagnosis, surgery was used to treat Traci. Can you lose extra weight after a cervical cancer operation?

In 2012, Traci Braxton was getting checked for cervical cancer. The lymph nodes and cancers in her cervical region had to be surgically removed. We recently learned that Traci had shed roughly 60 kg before her operation and after her cervical cancer screening.

Traci Braxton’s weight-loss plan

The question arises in every fan’s mind that how did traci braxton lose weight? Here are her following routine that she’d followed to lose weight. 

  • Traci Braxton started out by routinely checking her blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • She made a life-changing decision to cut out all carbs.
  • To aid in weight loss, Traci Braxton ate a lot of spinach and wheat bread.
  • Traci Braxton also knew when she had her workouts.
  • She regularly went to the gym and never missed a day. Traci frequently worked out for at minimum two hours to maintain the proper amount of blood sugar.

Traci Braxton had what type of cancer?

About a year ago, Traci’s situation took a terrible turn. Traci Braxton was given an esophageal cancer diagnosis, but the exact moment has been kept private. It’s believed that Braxton’s cancer diagnosis occurred just a year ago, at the time that she underwent a significant weight loss.

Traci Braxton battled esophageal cancer for a whole year. Traci’s family stated that she faced her condition head-on and as courageously as she could, despite the fact that the details of her rest of the journey are kept a secret. Traci’s child Sir Kevin Jr. posted a touching message and a photo of himself and his mother Traci on his Instagram.

Traci Braxton lost her fight with cancer on March 11 and died when she was 50. The esophagus, which aids in moving food from the back of the mouth to the stomach to be digested, is affected by esophageal cancer.

It was evident for Traci to lose a lot of weight because the lining of the oesophagus is severely compromised. The singer was in the worst health state possible due to chemotherapy and other medicines.

The internet was busy speculating while Traci was struggling for her life. While the rest of the web was busy teasing her and spreading the rumour that the singer has gone insane over her physical attractiveness and has taken extraordinary means to be slim, her fans and following were truly concerned about the star’s health.

Traci’s mental health was eventually impacted by this, although she eventually passed away after a long fight with cancer. Traci Braxton’s magnificent aura and unadulterated personality were lost, and her family, followers, and supporters are still in deep sorrow.

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