Lyn May Plastic Surgery Destroyed Her Face – What Happened to Lyn May Face?

Lyn May’s plastic surgery transformed her face to the point where it was difficult to identify her. What cosmetic procedures did she choose? Transformation before and after.

Lyn May has another face plastic surgery. Her ‘new’ face was featured on the Un Nuevo Da show.

The vedette expressed confidence in her new image.

In order to showcase how she appeared following the procedure, the 68-year-old woman were invited to the entertainment show. In order to raise anticipation among viewers, Lyn May disguised her face during the show by putting on a carnival mask.

She was among the most eminent Mexican vedettes, a popular icon, and one of the major stars of Ficheras movies during the 1970s and 1980s.

Lyn May, on the other hand, has recently been in the news for botched plastic surgery that has destroyed her beautiful natural face. So, what exactly happened? Let’s talk about it.

Lyn May’s Plastic Surgery Destroyed Her Face – What Happened to Lyn May Face?

Since she began her career at an early age, Lyn May has already established herself as a well-known artist throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Given this, it comes as no surprise that Lyn May enjoyed success as an actress for a while. However, with time, her stardom and popularity waned, which eventually led to the need for plastic surgery.

As her fame faded over time, the actress made the decision to have work done on her face to renew herself. To do this, she asked the surgeon to do the most suitable surgery. Unfortunately, Lyn was unable to predict how her face deformity would affect her life.

The Mexican actress allegedly had baby oil injected into her during a fictional cheekbone operation, which ruined and disfigured her face, becoming more so over time owing to her facial characteristics. She used a variety of surgical procedures to try to repair the problem after recognizing it, but to no avail.

Lyn May tried her hardest to maintain her previous appearance, but she was forced to accept the results of her hurry to get the plastic surgery. She no longer cares about the unpleasant reviewers’ viewpoints.

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Lyn May proudly before plastic surgery face

Lyn May had surgery in 2020 and prominently displayed her ‘new’ look on Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia. The 68-year-old Mexican actress was asked to demonstrate her post-surgery look.

May decided to wear a costumed mask during in the show, trying to conceal her face to increase viewer anticipation. Lyn appeared alongside the drivers of Un Nuevo Da, Jorge Bernal and Héctor Sandarti, as well as the doctor who performed plastic surgery on her.

Lyn May clarified that her hips and waist are natural, but she wishes for larger breasts, while the plastic surgeon examined her face.

According to José Achar, the vedette seemed to have volume on her face because she was suffering from a serious condition that bothered her all the time.

The interview was published on A New Day’s Youtube, where that received over a million views and hundreds of comments, some supportive of Lyn May and others critical.

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