Jelly Rolls Wife Before Plastic Surgery – Everything You need to know

Fans are interested in learning more about bunnie deford jelly rolls wife’s Life style before plastic surgery because she is best known as the rapper jelly roll wife. The 27-year-old celebrity hasn’t disclosed anything about her past, though. Learn further about jelly rolls wife life before plastic surgery and also the reasons she recently had her breast implants removed by reading the article.

Are you looking for information on Jelly Roll Wife online as well? If the answer is yes, you have started in the proper place. Here is everything you’ll need to know regarding , Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie XO, starting in the year 2020.

Jelly Rolls Wife Introduction

Currently, Bunnie Xo, also known as Bunnie DeFord, is a well-known figure in the entertainment world. In addition, Bunnie runs the podcasting company Dumb Blonde Productions. She is a YouTube sensation as well as a model.

Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll’s wife, has been honest about all of her prior issues as well as her current one. Similar to this, her followers want to know more about her past life, including bunnie xo before and after plastic surgery.

Bunnie Xo Jelly Rolls Wife Before Plastic Surgery

There are numerous cosmetic and plastic surgery options. The most popular and frequent procedures include blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, nose job, facelifts, and eyebrow lifts. Breast implants and cheek augmentations with cheek implants are also popular alternatives to Botox.

Bunnie doesn’t fit the stereotype of a shy person. Her modelling career has taken her in numerous directions, including music videos, magazines, and Playboy TV. She has been in many of singer Jelly Roll’s music and live performances as they are married.

She reportedly had breast implants, a rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, and a facelift. However, a lot of her followers have been interested in learning more about her past before she made the decision to get plastic surgery to change the way she looked.

How did the reports about Bunnie’s plastic surgery spread? They really should have started once she acknowledged getting implants, even though she has since had them removed. She also asserts that this was one of her good choices. Here is shot of bunnie xo before and after plastic surgery

She hasn’t related any other area to augmentation being done besides her boobs. We surmise that she has undergone botox surgery based on a comparison of her photographs. Even while makeup may have contributed, the shine on her face and lack of fine lines and wrinkles suggest a treatment.

Additionally, we think lip fillers were utilised. Because Bunnie’s lips certainly appear more full than necessary.


As of right now, Bunnie XO, the Jelly Rolls wife, has not engaged in any disputes. Jelly Roll has not either! However, Bunnie DeFord underwent plastic surgery two years ago, sparking fan interest. According to the rumour, Bunnie XO, the wife of Jelly Roll, underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2006. The model uploaded a video on TikTok in 2019 in which she revealed some intimate details about her rotting implants. That is correct!

Final Thoughts

As we all know that in today’s world almost all the celebrities are underwent to plastic surgeries to look more beautiful for their fans but this thing will cost their health, There is nothing new for us when we talk about jelly rolls wife before and after plastic surgery. 

Although her fans like the way she is as jelly rolls wife confidently admitted about her plastic surgery to her fans, She underwent plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty, lip enhancement, breast implantation, and facelift. There fore jelly rolls wife Bunnie XO remove her breast implant. 

People need to understand that doing plastic surgeries to look more beautiful is temporary and unhealthy as the person is putting their life at risk, while to look natural and be beautiful isn’t harmful to anyone and provide a great message to love yourself the way you are. 

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