Amanda Batula Weight Loss | Workout and Diet Plan

Losing weight means you have to constantly look at ways to adjust your lifestyle. As difficult as it might sound, most people start with an intense workout only to lose the motivation later. However, sometimes, we come across celebrities who motivate us with their weight loss journeys so we can push ourselves to do better. Among all these celebrities you will also find Amanda Batula. Amanda Batula is one of the most famous contestants in the new season of the summer house. Professionally she is a graphic designer and has worked as an art director as well.

You might have seen her work in drink lover boy as she worked as an art director for that brand. She also worked with some of the biggest brands as an art director. Recently she launched her tea brand with Kylie cook who is also her co-star in the summer house. Due to her life as an aesthetic art director, she became famous for her lifestyle blog as well. You can find details about her lifestyle, diet, and workout routine on her blog as well. She made her career as a lifestyle blogger with the main focus on cosmetics and skincare and this fame brought her into the spotlight as a TV star as well

If you want to know more about her body and type and see what she has accomplished so far, here are some of her fitness details that you need to know before following her workout and diet plan. Also, make sure to stay informed that she is not a professional and has taken help from professionals as well.

NameAmanda Batula
Date of birth21 July 1991
Amanda Batula Age31
Place of birthNew Jersey, USA
Weight58 kgs
Waist size26 inches
Hip size36 inches
Marital statusIn a relationship
Amanda Batula Net Worth2.23 million dollars
ProfessionTV celebrity, social media influencer, Model

The Relationship Status of Amanda Batula

Amanda Batula is currently in a relationship with his long-term boyfriend Kyle Cooke and they are expected to be married soon. Kyle Cooke is a nightclub owner and lives on the Upper East Side of New York.  Amanda met Kyle Cooke while shooting summer house and since then they have been inseparable. In 2018, Kyle Cooke proposed to Amanda with a 2.5-carat diamond ring. Although their relationship has been through a lot of ups and downs, they are still going strong and sources are saying they got married. The power couple has been spotted at some of the major events flaunting their relationship as well.


Amanda Batula Weight Loss Secret

The biggest secret of Amanda Batula Weight loss journey is intermediate fasting. If you look at intermediate fasting you will notice that it limits the actual eating window so your body can digest food properly before you eat again. Although there are so many different types of intermediate fasting, however, most people like daily intermediate fasting rather than eating for a few days and then going for a fasting time of two days. However, experts explain that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to fasting, and depending on the time, age, and the amount of weight you want to lose over time, you have to decide which type will suit you better. Also, you need to make sure that you are getting enough food so that you are not entering starvation mode. In case you have a food-related disorder or you are bulimic, intermediate fasting is not recommended because this might trigger other issues as well.


Amanda Batula Diet Adjustments

According to her official claim, she reported that her diet plan has helped us lose more than 15 kgs so far. Amnad has focused on routine weight reduction as well as consuming a good diet. However, apart from diet, she has a very strong workout ethic as well. The best thing about her diet plan is that she is not limiting the food she eats so there is no craving involved. Since her eating window is limited, you will see that she consumes all kinds of food. However, she is still not consuming junk food. The base of her diet plan is nutrition which is important because most people when switching to fasting usually end up starving themselves which leads to nutrition deficiency. Although she didn’t share her proper meal plan she is a very strong advocate of healthy food and healthy living. She also mentions that she doesn’t skip her craving, rather she limits the dose of food she eats. Also, she limits her sugar and carbs intake only. So, you will be able to find a lot of healthy food recipes on her blog as well.

Amanda Batula Workout Plan

According to her official statement, she has always been working out and before her weight loss, she tried focusing on the weight loss through workouts as well. However, despite her workout, she was not able to achieve anything major. As a result, she openly claims that most of her success in weight loss is due to managing her eating habits rather than anything else and so far, she has been able to get good results only because she was able to manage her food intake and limit the eating window.


Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the overall weight loss routine, diet plan, and workout are pretty healthy but this workout and diet plan has been arranged according to the body requirement of Amanda Batula. Some people are already underweight while the ethnicity of other women varies so before you blindly start following this plan, you need to get your BMI checked. Moreover getting help from a professional is preferred because this article is not a replacement for professional advice. Another very important tip to keep in mind is that if you have a proper history of food-based disorder especially if you are bulimic or you have anorexia this food and workout plan can trigger psychological issues as well.

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